Example Projects

Time for a Change

Struggling with a changing market and financial losses, Anapto helped to transform a technology consulting firm from declining market position and financial loses to stability, profitability, and growth. 

A Fresh Look

Anapto helped rethink the business strategy of a software development firm faced with an unsustainable business model, an immature market, and financial losses. After shifting the model from B2C to B2B and adjusting the organizational structure, the organization is now sustainable and growing in a new market.

Getting the Word Out

Manufacturer struggling with a failing distribution and sales network turns to Anapto for guidance on adjusting and growing their network, resulting in improved sales, support, and profitability. 

Growing without Debt

Sole proprietor was looking to expand his business but wasn’t sure how to fund it. Anapto reviewed his current situation and provided solutions to reduce his ‘time to cash’ and increase his sales margins. This allowed budget for new headcount and expansion plans without taking on debt or looking to outside funding. 

Efficient Operations

Our client recognized the need to mature his business operations but struggled to identify where and how. Anapto helped to redefine the brand, reorganize the company for better tax benefits, improved accounting practices, and implemented technology for back office efficiency, which allowed for growth of the business without adding headcount.   


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