Visionary often is the person who conceived the company, who had the original great idea and who continues to have ideas about how to expand the business and make it all he ever conceived it would be. Visionaries often focus on the big picture, culture, client relationships.


An Integrator is the person who thrives on creating order out of chaos. They are naturally suited to setting priorities, solving conflicts, removing obstacles, getting the company from point A to point B. It's not that the Visionary couldn’t do what the Integrator does, its just that they become bored and it takes them away from their highest impact responsibilities and opportunities. 

Many companies struggle with this reality. They don't have the budget for a full-time Integrator/COO or they know it could take months or years to find the right person. Yet they know they can’t afford to continue without that internal direction and leadership.

To address this issue, Anapto has developed a Virtual Integrator service (often called Fractional Integrator). Think of it as a Virtual COO. 



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