The Kolbe System

At Anapto, we utilize The Kolbe System™ to tap into an organization’s natural instincts. Skills can be taught and aspects of personality can change, but instincts are hardwired. Because Kolbe Wisdom™ is based on instincts, it’s a proven way for companies to harness the power of their people and teams in 3 main ways:


  • More Productive, by capitalizing on the power of instinct already available in your current environment each individual is able to DO what they DO BEST.

  • More Decisive, because as your teams increase in their awareness of what they instinctively do best, they are more able to delete or delegate distractions and tasks that often slow down projects and outcomes.

  • Less Drama, More Health is the proven natural outcome when teams can predict and manage where conflict, strain, and tension is most likely to occur.


The reality is, your people are naturally motivated, and are already taking action. Together, we can get your entire organization engaged and doing what they do best in the right direction.


Kolbe Corp’s approach to improving productivity and performance is based on a foundation of solid research and practical application with a proven track record of over 40 years. Focusing on People’s innate problem-solving instincts sets The Kolbe System™ apart, and meets the standards of the American Psychological Association for validity and reliability as well as race, gender, and age neutrality. 


Every journey into Kolbe starts with the Kolbe A™ Index. Your answers to this 36-item questionnaire reveal how you WILL and WON’T take action, instinctually.


Can you afford to NOT know what drives your workforce? The Kolbe System™ is not just another assessment tool. Through the science of Conation, the third part of the mind, we can introduce reliable, effective, and tangible strategies that impact every level of your organization.

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